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Special Olympics involves individuals of all ages and ability levels

Special Olympics includes athletes with low motor abilities as well as highly-skilled athletes who can compete in a higher level of sport both in and out of Special Olympics competitions.

Special Olympics is a year-round program

Athletes who participate in Special Olympics receive a lifetime of learning through sport.

Atheletes build muscle, sharpen their motor skill, gain self-confidence and develope social skills that help them live a better life

It is the same as when you learned to catch a ball, or ride a bike. Remember the joy of achievement and the confidence you felt? Special Olympics athletes feel it too.

Special Olympics is training for life in more ways than one

The men, women, boys and girls train in community gyms, playgrounds, fields and courts. They are preparing themselves for competition and interaction with family, work, school and community life.

The athletes are not the only ones who benefit from Special Olympics

The families of the athletes, coaches and volunteers reap the rewards of participation as well.

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